The Darkest Dawn

The Darkest Dawn

An empty mind at the end of the line
I see it all fade quickly with each new distress
All the time wondering: Is this what I get?

Regret is part of waking up
Still, the sorrow gantlet succeeds
I never meant to cause pain, hate, or disease

Alone is my preference
Friends too often cause such a stir
My understanding is but an unfocused blur

I don’t understand people
Certainly, they don’t understand me
There’s no use in speaking while people refuse to see

Talking to myself in silent whispers
Answering myself with silent words
Because the real world is as painful as the cut of one thousand swords

Hulled up in my safe place
Snowflakes falling round my head
I miss the me before I became functionally dead

In contrast to this bitter pill
Stands disdain for the things I willed
Retrospect presses against my mind: If only I could rebuild

Locked in my darkest hour
Feel the undertow take hold
Fight, vigor, or vallor replaced by deathly cold


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