Hidden Mandala Jester: Time is a Relative Concept

What we see only represents a tiny sliver of the spectrum available for experiences. Our realities are separate yet connected by undulating threads across the seams of time. We circle back and forth then around again with each turn creating new perspectives caught in the human construct of time.

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Hidden Mandala Jester | Original drawing by Dawn Marie Meeks | [Image Description: Drawing of a passion flower rendered through distortion effects. | All rights reserved Stomach-vs-heart.com © Copyright 2016

Time is a Relative Concept to Space

Energy influences matter and thoughts measure as energy.

Time is material and a human construct.

Forces exerted change the character of perceived existence.
These mementos across, above, below, between, within and without the dimensional understanding of time casts out undulant vibrations, each with individual reactions, creating universes of their own.

Ultimately, all time happens in one instant yet those instances span across multiple layers of experience. Our minds contain the catalytic power to transform the observer experience. While reflecting on the continuum of life, this perspective means what happens in this moment will affect all other moments in life:  past, present, future, and even the in-between time. So too, its possible to change perspectives held at any moment in time with these time considerations.

Time | © Stomach-vs-Heart.com 2017 | [Image Description: Digitally edited photograph of a clock with the Da Vinci Quote Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it. The time is 1:16:27. There is a nostalgic filter over the photograph and a black frame.]

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it

– Leonardo Da Vinci 

Time is a layered experience; however, most people view time in a linear fashion with the “past being the past” and “the best is yet to come” mentality. This program keeps us locked away from our full potential. Once time is realized as a reverberating experience we find the ability to change the progression of our timeline at any given point.

The past is a memory, the future a dream… Time is this moment alone in the present state. Opening the mind to the full concept of the present becomes a powerful point of operation. Grasping the force of the present state of mind will provide a pivotal advantage in reality.

Releasing the limiting perspective of time releases a magical potential locked away from our consciousness at those tender points in life. We are told we have limits, so we believe those limits exist until a moment of revelation, pierces through the veil, sending ripples of higher understanding through preconceived reality.

In an effort to free my own consciousness from the constraints of time, I quit subscribing to dogma. This is my calcination process as the actuality of my life is burnt away to expose true essence of being. This essence has whispered truths in my ear since long ago. I’ve danced with it on occasion, but only now am I forced to reckon the truths inside of myself. I must allow the process.

With the path of least resistance, my magic came back. The vibrancy of my experience resonates as my timeline expands from the expected form. Now I bask in a peaceful perspective of unwavering awe at the quintessence.

That one and only thing.

Expulsion of the Demons | [Image Description: an anonymous medieval engraving. The scene depicts an alchemist’s lab with the back wall of the scene lined with various bottles. There are a mortar and pestle on a stand in the room as well as other tools for alchemical work. At the forefront of the scene is a character dressed in medieval clothing inserting a slab with another character into a brick oven. A spray of alchemical imagy comes forth from the oven as a result. Behind these characters is another medieval man in capes forcing a concoction into another character in the scene. The character is sitting on a stool with some sort of excrement evacuating.] Image credit: http://api.ning.com/files/OnVwMBDNEGUGYI47CrOpQcQ-i1QYNZaKVk0s9xmtANZBni8FC9tZKWnIA9jrp1KK-UBD1e1eVdTh4sirdGpR6jcSrZJfSd8V/calc2.gif?width=95

Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.



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