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[Image Description: Original digital art by Dawn Marie Meeks. The background is a lilac purple, with a sunburst filter and yellow bursts of flowers and leaves. There is an anatomical stomach beneath an anatomical heart against the background. In a purple text box in the upper right-hand corner is written: Battle to the Death!!! In black fancy font, Stomach-vs-Heart overlays the picture.]
This website is an artistic and therapeutic endeavor with the primary purpose of visual and vague aesthetic. Any monies obtained in relationship to this website are put towards the goal of more accessible adaptations to life.

At this time, I am in need of an everyday use, lightweight wheelchair to replace the transport one I started with in February 2016 when I lost my ability to stand.

Here’s the kind of wheelchair I am saving for. It’s self-propelled and a power chair all in one lightweight design.

My disabilities challenge my ability for creative endeavors with painting, drawing, and writing, and even so much I can no longer work in my career as a Registered Nurse. You can read more about my chronic illness journey and eventually total disability story over at Only in this Head: Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and will be met with personal thanks. My hope is to lessen the financial burden of my disabilities upon my family while grasping at a meaningful life via creative endeavors.

Thanks for visiting this humble website!

Double thanks in advance for any donation considerations!

Please follow the links below to help me achieve this goal.