Activated Genome

This is one of the first pencil drawings in The Galaxy of Art Journal.

Since April 2015, I have claimed the term disabled as a part of my identity.My decades-long journey to EDS diagnosis took me down many different avenues but it wasn’t until I was permanently disabled by a work injury and subsequent worsening of my issues with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, POTS and all the other effects associated with my particular case of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome did I finally slow down.

With my new sedentary pace, I often seek out entertainment forms that also serve to quench my thirst for knowledge. One of my most favorite subjects to delve into is Alchemy. 

By definition, Alchemy is the study of the transmutation of base metals into gold through a series of processes. I am more interested in the allegorical lessons available in the study of alchemy for the purposes of enhancing my spiritual conscious awareness.

This study proves beneficial to helping live my Chronic Illness Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with gratitude and happiness despite the losses but my most cherished gift from my study of Alchemy is its effect on my art.

Suddenly, I see base elements transmuting into gold all around me in pattern-like fashion inspiring me to use symbolism and alchemical concepts into my art.
Combined with my interest in the alchemical world is my interest in the human genome. In my brief studies into genetics, I am awe of the fantasy of unlocking the genetic code’s full potential. I often postulate on the meaning behind my own genetic mutations expressed in the form of disease and wonder how one can even consider defining anything as normal in a world laden with so many possibilities and potentialities.
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Activated Genome | Original artwork by Dawn Marie Meeks| All rights reserved © Copyright 2016 | [Image Description: Pencil drawing rendered through photo editing software for special effects. The drawing is framed in a bamboo mat pattern. At the center of the drawing is an eye with a strand of DNA within the pupil and alchemical symbolism covering the area across the sclera. The eye is centered with the modified philosopher’s stone adorned by a depiction of the sun with the unknown symbol in a flower at the tip of the triangle. Along each side of the structure are six additional flowers with undeterminable symbols corresponding on both sides. The contrasting overlay of digital effects makes it seem as though there are bare rock mountains behind the framework of the drawing near the top and towards the bottom, the effect looks like a glowing fire with vines sketched in amongst the elements.]

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